Our Philosophy

Integrated Health Clinics believes that addiction is a chronic, relapsing, and potentially fatal disease. Addiction can be successfully treated at any stage through individualized treatment and increased interventions for illicit substance abuse. IHC recognizes small successes that lead to recovery.

Our Mission

Our comprehensive programming educates and guides individuals toward reaching their full potential as productive members within their own families and the greater community.

Our Treatment

IHC employs experienced professionals dedicated to providing clients comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment. Clients are treated with dignity and respect while being held accountable for their recovery. Clients are required to participate in treatment activities, follow through with referrals, and abstain from all illicit drug and alcohol use. Integrated Health Clinics use “evidence based treatment” to cultivate recovery. The goal is to develop a long-term sober lifestyle.

Our Outreach

Outreach is especially important to people in the earliest stages of experiencing alcohol and drug problems. Our services are available to family members and significant people in the client’s life, and to the community at large.


Integrated Health Clinics has been awarded a three-year Accreditation under the CARF Opioid Treatment Program Accreditation Standards. This accreditation is valid through February 2011.

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Accreditation states:

“This organization has met internationally recognized standards of quality in the provision of outcomes-driven programs and services to enhance the lives of persons served.”